National Grammar Day!

I’ll admit it: I like grammar. Strunk & White’s Elements of Style is one of my favourite books, so it’s no surprise that a “holiday” such as this would make me smile. But I know not everyone feels the same way. That’s why I would be happy to help with any proofreading or editing needs you have. When you’re writing, you have other things to worry about; let me make sure everything is grammatically correct while you focus on the story.

National Grammar Day

Business Cards Make It Official!

business card preview I’m so pleased that my business cards arrived. They even came a few days early, which was a pleasant surprise. I’m quite pleased with how they turned out, and have already gotten several compliments on them.

Now I need to start distributing them so writers out there know my new little business exists. I’m not normally shy, but I also don’t like to come across as pushy or too salesman-y.

What approach do you take to hand out your cards?

The adventure begins!

I’m so excited to begin editing again. I’ve missed it. As much as I enjoy writing, I also enjoy helping other writers. I’m not completely sure yet what shape I want this blog to take, or even if I’ll continue with a blog. I suppose if it complements my Facebook page it will continue. I suppose we’ll see how things progress.

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