Frequently Asked Questions


How should I submit my paper?
You can send me your paper as a Word document to

How do I pay you?
Payments can be submitted through PayPal, using the email address You can also send me a cheque.

Do I need a PayPal account?
Nope. All you need is a checking account or a debit/credit card and my email address (see above question). Just go to PayPal’s website.

What do you charge?
It depends what you need me to do. Typically, I charge by the word, and that varies based on what kind of editing you need. Feel free to contact me and we can discuss where you are in your writing process.

Do I have to pay in advance?
For jobs over 100 pages, I ask for a deposit of 30%. For jobs over 250 pages, I ask for a deposit of 50%. Otherwise, the full payment is due on receipt.

Is there a minimum number of pages?
No. I will help you no matter how big or small the job. If you’ve written it, I’ll edit it.

How long does it take?
Again, it depends on what you’re sending me and what you need. Most proofreading jobs (under 100 pages) can be returned within a week. You can request a rush job, but an extra fee applies. Developmental and substantive editing may take longer, depending on length of work.

Who will see my work?
I am the only one who sees what is submitted. Everything you send me will remain confidential. No one else sees the papers and manuscripts I work on, and I only send my editing suggestions to the author who submitted the work.

For an academic paper, can I just send my Bibliography/Works Cited/Reference Page(s), instead of the whole paper? How much does this service cost?
Of course. I understand that most people don’t enjoy formatting their references. If you’d like me to help with just the reference page(s), please send in a Word document. For this I charge a flat rate of £5.00/page.

What if I have questions not covered on this page?
I am happy to answer any questions you have regarding my services. Please let me know what information you need by emailing me or filling out this form.

Thank you for visiting. Happy writing!

Cat Wild